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Monday, May 11, 2009

Your Weekly Updates

Good afternoon. Your weekly updates here should help you keep up to date on the activities of your student government, as we work towards bettering life for students at the University of Iowa.

Currently, President Mike Currie is strengthening the University of Iowa Student Government, meeting with administrators, UISG executives, and getting everyone started in their roles. He is working on ensuring good use of the basement of the IMU, and will be touring the new fitness center next week. Vice-President JD Moran has started work on the Big 10 student government conference which should occur near August, while also focusing on platform initiatives.

UISG Executives are currently getting started on a number of platform initiatives: office supplies and business cards have been ordered, our legislative branch is preparing for next year, and City Council Liaison Jeff Shipley will be attending city council meetings all summer.

Speaker Pro-Tem for UISG's legislative branch will be Cassie Creasy.

The University of Iowa Student Government represents all undergraduate students at the University of Iowa. This blog provides updates on activities of UISG while we work on the creation of our new website. This blog is maintained by Ryan Kopf, and no warranty is given as to the accuracy of the information contained herein.

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